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Estate, Gift and Income Tax Planning Lawyer in Indiana

Attorney Diane Hubbard Kennedy is focused on income tax, estate tax, gift tax, and charitable planning and related dispute resolution for individuals and businesses.I represent clients in structuring business transactions, as well as in planning their charitable giving, income and estate tax matters. Individual and business clients alike rely on resourceful and responsive attorneys to effectively minimize the impact of income taxes, gift taxes, estate taxes and generation-skipping transfer taxes for both themselves and their heirs. Through the strategic use of cutting-edge and traditional income and asset-transfer devices, I work to help you take full advantage of all applicable tax credits, deductions, exemptions and elections, so you can transfer your wealth with maximum benefit for your business, your family and your philanthropic beneficiaries.

Experienced tax advice
I provide experienced tax advice to individuals, executors, trustees and businesses in a wide range of tax areas. There are many tax consequences to legal decisions, especially those that involve asset protection and estate planning. The proper legal decisions can only be made with a full and complete understanding of the resulting tax consequences. As a full service estate planning and estate law firm, my office provides clients with an integrated plan that explains both the legal and tax consequences before any decisions are made.

I provide general tax advice, including:

  • General estate tax advice
  • General gift tax advice
  • General income tax advice
  • Stepped-up cost basis
  • How gifts can reduce your estate tax burden
  • Capital gains upon the sell of real property, etc.
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Alternate valuation elections
  • Generation-skipping taxes
  • How charitable gifts can reduce your tax burden
  • General tax advice for revocable, irrevocable, grantor and charitable trust
  • Taxation of S-Corporations, limited liability corporations, partnerships, etc.

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